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New products and trends are forever appearing in the food and beverage industry. We keep you informed with our focus reports!

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Júlia Filbà

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The many strengths of food starches

Food starches - their functionalities are as diverse as their origins.


Premium Potato Starch

Discover the multiple benefits of premium potato starch and the versatility it offers within its infinite opportunities.


PISANE™ – The Pea Protein

Plant proteins are already a clear trend among consumers. However, not all of them are accepted in the same way; a clear example is soy and wheat proteins, which are increasingly…


Sugar reduction

From ice cream and beverages to the most common confectionery, added sugar can be found in even the most unexpected products. 



Whether it is due to a generational change in diet, greater consumer awareness of climate change, or a population that is more aware and informed about nutrition, the plant-based…