IMPAG Iberia joins participation in Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo

For the first time on behalf of IMPAG Group, IMPAG Iberia has joined the participation at the Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo in Barcelona.

Manufacturers and suppliers of functional ingredients visited the IMPAG Iberia stand to find out about the latest products and trends on offer. 

Some of IMPAG Iberia's innovations were presented there, such as:

  • Mena Q7, the improved and purer version of naturally occurring vitamin K2, a clean label product focused on bone and cardiovascular health.
  • Fibruline, a prebiotic fibre of European origin that functions as a partial fat and sugar substitute (with an impact on metabolic health).
  • KiOnutrime Csg, a patented proprietary process and vegan formula that supports weight loss and cholesterol management.
  • Quatrefolic, an essential product in cell division and DNA synthesis that is involved in countless metabolic processes, some of which are related to human growth and development. A product patented by Gnosis by Lessafre, it represents the 4th generation of folic acid; 5-methyltetrahydrofolate in glucosamine salt. The metabolised form of folic acid offers a higher bioavailability as well as better stability and solubility as it is in glucosamine salt.

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The stand had interactive activities, where visitors could find out which products from the IMPAG Iberia catalogue were applied to the different therapeutic areas, and what the characteristics and benefits of these products are.

Attending the Nutraceuticals 2023 fair has been an opportunity for IMPAG to showcase its products and services focused on Pharma, to learn about new market trends and to make contact with potential customers and suppliers.

It has been relevant to have contact with innovations in the sector and to be able to discuss and exchange information with clients and partners.