Industrial Chemicals

We offer a wide range of industrial chemicals and services, including storage, transport, mixing (customer formulations, dilution of liquids) and packaging, supported by an established supplier network. Our base chemicals serve various industries: Industrial chemistry and pharmaceuticals, food, metal processing, water treatment, energy / recycling / disposal, construction chemicals as well as detergents and cleaning industry.

Develop what's fundamental to daily life!

Many of our raw materials in the industrial chemicals segment occur in everyday products that we cannot do without, yet they often go unnoticed.

We marry extensive expertise and industry knowledge with a broad portfolio of high-performance products – from chemical base substances, alkalis, solvents, mineral raw materials, through oleochemical base substances, PEG, acids, right through to salts and solutions. We collaborate with our supply partners to offer you in-depth advice across the most diverse areas of application.

We look forward to addressing any queries you may have.

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