Given our extensive technical know-how with our own food technologists and the high quality of our raw materials, we support you as a partner for the evaluation of innovations and product developments that satisfy the future demands of the food industry.

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Our suppliers are our partners, and therefore a key factor for our competitiveness. Our supplier relationships are based on trust, openness and fairness. Also have a look at our suppliers from our segment Nutraceuticals.

Cosucra, Belgium

  • Inulin and oligofructose from chicory (powder and syrup)
  • Pea derivatives (pea protein isolate) 

We do not distribute Cosucra in Portugal.

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Founded in 1852, Cosucra is a Belgian family-owned company specialising in natural ingredients from the processing of local producers.

It uses state-of-the-art technology to extract chicory and pea products that are marketed worldwide.

Prova, France

  • Vanilla, cocoa and coffee extracts and flavours
  • Nut flavours and other toasted notes
  • Milky notes
  • Organic extracts and flavours
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In 1946, PROVA started its activity in France, specialising in the processing of vanilla pods, becoming a world leader in vanilla extracts and flavourings. Cocoa and coffee processing followed to complete its range with roasted flavours, dried fruits, caramel, dairy notes...

The food industry is increasingly demanding in terms of organoleptic aspects. PROVA, through its extracts and aromatic formulations, manages to capture the customer's idea by offering a "tailor-made" product.

With the intention of improving every day, PROVA has managed to be certified with the BCR quality standard and to obtain ECOCERT and Fair Trade certifications.

Novastell, France

  • Soy and sunflower lecithin
    (powder, liquid, granulated)
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Novastell was founded in 2006 in France. Its range is oriented to two different applications:

  • Emulsifier or functional ingredient for sectors such as bakery, chocolate and dairy.
  • Nutritional supplement as a source of phospholipids, DHA and others.

These lecithins and their fractions have different origins: unmodified soya, sunflower, egg and caviar.

Kröner Stärke GmbH, Germany

[Translate to English:] Kroener Staerke, Alemania
  • Native and pre-gelatinised starches and flours (wheat, corn, rice...)
  • Gluten-free wheat starch
  • Gluten, organic range

We do not distribute Kröner in Portugal.

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Kröner-Stärke is a company with more than 100 years of experience in the production of wheat and other wheat products.

Kröner's main distinguishing feature is the high quality of its raw materials and the naturalness of its technological process, which involves only mineral water and physical processes. No extraction aids or other chemical production aids are used in order to achieve a natural production of its products.

No chemicals are used, which is why Kröner's ingredients allow for clean labelling without E-numbers.

Stevia Natura, France

Stevia Natura
  • Steviol glycoside A98 and A60 
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Stevia is a natural sweetener obtained from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, which is native to South America. The steviol glycoside present in the leaves of this plant provides a very intense sweetness.

First Choice, Estados United States of America

First Choice
  • Dairy concentrates produced by natural fermentation and enzymatic processes.
  • Vegan and organic alternatives
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First Choice Ingredients is located in the heart of the quintessential dairy region, Germantown, Wisconsin. They work with both wet and dry production, and have different application labs, warehousing and a tasting center to create exceptional dairy flavors that will make a difference in your final products, thanks to a validated, patented process. Their team brings together decades of experience in fermentation and cultivation technology and a tireless attitude to make the impossible possible.

Good Hemp, United Kingdom

[Translate to English:] Good Hemp, United Kingdom
  • Protein, fibre, seeds and fatty hemp preparations
  • Organic range