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Sugar reduction

From ice cream and beverages to the most common confectionery, added sugar can be found in even the most unexpected products. 

Many people rely on fast and processed foods for meals and snacks. As these products often contain added sugar, this consitutes a large proportion of their daily calorie intake. 

Free sugars contribute to the overall energy density of diets and can promote energy balance (Johnson RK et al., 2019; Elia M. et al., 2007). Maintaining energy balance is critical to maintaining a healthy body weight and ensuring optimal nutrient intake (FAO , 2014). 

There is a growing consensus in the scientific community on the effects of sugar, including those of added sugars. In fact, a large majority of studies show a correlation between high sugar consumption and weight gain, cardiovascular problems and NCDs (non-communicable diseases) in general (Hauner et al., 2012; Malik et al, 2013). 
In addition, excessive sugar consumption is directly related to several metabolic problems and negative health effects.
For all these reasons, consumers, sufficiently aware, are increasingly opting for products with a low or lower sugar content, thus pushing the food industry towards a trend of sugar reduction.

At IMPAG Iberia (formerly Innovafood) we have different tools to help our customers to reduce sugars in their final products.
From our recent "Nutri-score" tool that allows customers to optimize their "score" by adjusting the values of their products (sugar content is a key value) to different functional ingredients focused on sugar reduction:

  • Chicory fibers  
  • Sweeteners 

We will be happy to advise and support you in your projects! You can contact us for more information at: infoimpag.es or call us at: +34 93 265 49 51.

Sugar reduction – Solutions available at IMPAG Iberia