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Whether it is due to a generational change in diet, greater consumer awareness of climate change, or a population that is more aware and informed about nutrition, the plant-based trend in food is a growing reality and is here to stay.

In Spain, specifically, the plant-based market is led by: 

  • Plant-based milks in particular and alternatives to dairy products in general
  • Vegetable meat 
  • Bakery products  

Thus, the plant-based trend seeks to replace some food habits with alternatives that have the same (or similar) organoleptic properties: taste, texture, smell, color and temperature.

However, manufacturers often find it difficult to meet consumer demands in terms of organoleptic properties.

IMPAG Iberia (formerly Innovafood) therefore offers all kinds of products to meet the challenge of vegan alternatives, with a wide and diverse portfolio of ingredients:

  • Masking flavours (masking flavours).
  • Vegan aromatic concentrates of dairy notes (milk, butter, cheeses...)
  • Vegetable proteins and fibers
  • Native and pregelatinized starches and flours 
  • Emulsifiers
  • ...

And even vegan alternatives for sauces such as mayonnaise! 

In addition, the vast majority of our ingredients are of European origin and are available in the ORGANIC range. 

We would be pleased to support you in your projects!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at: info@impag.es or by calling us: +34 93 265 49 51.

plant-based market in Spain