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Probiotics and immunity

In the light of the health crisis caused by the covid-19 virus, the nutraceutical sector in general and probiotics in particular, have experienced a growing interest thanks to their positive effect on the immune system which prevents infectious diseases and helps maintain overall good health.

But what do we really know about probiotics?

What are probiotics?
According to the definition of the world organizations FAO and WHO, probiotics are live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host (consumer).

Mechanism of action
Our body's defense system against foreign bodies is known as the immune system. More than two thirds of our immune system is located in our digestive system (stomach, small and large intestine). (1)

The bacterial flora of the digestive system is made up of millions of bacteria that proliferate and ferment different elements in the large intestine, producing substances beneficial to health. In turn, these bacteria are involved in the normal development of the immune system and in the regulation of the body's response to pathogens (microorganisms harmful to health).

The positive action of probiotics lies in the competition that these microorganisms have with other pathogens and the creation of synergies with other microorganisms of the bacterial flora of the digestive system.

Probiotics act in the digestive tract stabilizing the composition of the bacterial flora and increasing the resistance of the organism against pathogens and improving and activating the defenses.

They produce substances that help fight some potentially pathogenic bacteria, produce vitamins and digestive enzymes.

The benefits of probiotics lie in their favorable action on the immune system mainly in:

  • The treatment and prevention of intestinal infections such as diarrhea associated with antibiotic intake, infectious diarrhea, irritable bowel and other inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Treatment and prevention of infections of other organs such as vaginal infections. 
  • Stimulation of the mucosal barrier function as the first defense mechanism of the system.

However, it is believed that the benefits of probiotics may go much further and several studies are currently underway to test the efficacy of probiotics in:

  • Decreasing the symptoms of asthma and other allergic diseases.
  • Preventing and reducing the severity of infections in preterm infants
  • Reduction of complications (especially infectious) in patients admitted to intensive care units.
  • Prevention of infections in patients with liver cirrhosis
  • Improvement of symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory rheumatologic diseases.
  • Prevention of tumors
  • Lowering cholesterol levels

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The benefits of probiotics lie in their favorable action on the immune system